Step 2 - Order and payment
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Step 1 - How does MAIL-SMS work?
It's easy; similar to sending an e-mail to multiple recipients, you can now text these people from your e-mail application!
- Select the SMS bundle of your choice at step 2 (prices exclusive of VAT).
  • 100 SMSs at EUR 0.14 each
  • 250 SMSs at EUR 0.14 each
  • 500 SMSs at EUR 0.13 each
  • 100 SMSs at USD 0.20 each
  • 250 SMSs at USD 0.19 each
  • 500 SMSs at USD 0.18 each
- Order the SMS bundle at step 2.
- From the e-mail address entered, you can now send text messages!
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Step 3 - How do I use MAIL-SMS?
You are now ready to send SMS text messages from your e-mail address. To send an SMS message, simply type the cellphone number (country code included) of the recipient before the "@" symbol, e.g. The SMS text message is written in the usual e-mail message body. The subject box is not used - Click here for an example.
Just send the e-mail to send your text message(s)! MAIL-SMS is that simple!